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How do you create a new service overnight to deliver advice to potentially thousands of customers?

Local Authorities in England and Wales found themselves having to do just that, when In November 2004, the Civil Contingencies Act (The Act) received Royal Assent. The Act requires all local authorities to promote business continuity planning and provide individual businesses and voluntary organisations based within their boundaries, with general or specific advice and assistance in relation to business continuity management (BCM).

Setting up this type of service in one go would be an enormous task even for the most experienced business consulting firms with a small army of consultants and marketing gurus on hand, let alone a small team working for a local authority with very little resources.

Those in local authority responsible for this task were asked to:

  • Promoting BCM to local organisations;
  • Liaise with other responders to co-ordinate provision of BCM related advices and assistance;
  • Use existing business networks or develop new networks to reach out to local business;
  • Develop programmes to encourage the take-up of BCM (particularly amongst SMEs); and
  • Measure effectiveness of the promotion.

When the head of the emergency planning team at Coventry City council approached Unovision they needed a strategy to deal with this challenge.