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Coventry First

Coventry and Warwickshire First (CWF) is an exclusive forum for professional and financial service providers.  The aim of the organisation is to strengthen and promote the professional service’s contribution to the region’s economic growth.

The forum was established in 2005 and today has a membership of over one hundred firms represented by some four hundred professionals

CWF organises and runs, networking events, seminars, professional interests and skills groups, and lobbies for the region’s professional sector.

To become more representative of its sector, the board of directors in 2007 put together an action plan to increase its membership. The action plan outlined work to increase marketing and promotion activities and provide a broader range of events to attract additional members.

CWF recognised a need for investment in IT systems to increase the efficiency of administration, and marketing operation. To this end IT software houses were invited to submit proposals for suitable information systems.

Following a review of the business processes and requirements, Unovision proposed to implement an integrated web based system to provide the necessary tools for:

Marketing and promotion of CWF
Management and administration of CWF’s events
Administration of membership processes