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So what are the real issues?

To investigate the issues faced in delivering advice, we asked the emergency planning officers at Coventry and a sample of officers from neighbouring authoroties to give us their overview. We were told;

  • "We don't have the resource to employ an adequate number of consultants, so we have produced a leaflet and just sent it out - most businesses probably throw it in the bin. It is a waste of our resources."
  • "We don’t have the resource to be able to field queries."
  • "We  are not experts in PR  and so we don’t promote BCM effectively."
  • "We lack solid BCM expertise so we don’t feel well placed to promote it to businesses."
  • "We find it difficult to measure the effectivness of our campaign."
  • "Most businesses are not interested because of time, expertise or resource to carry it out."
  • "Most businesses don't understand what they need to do and why."
  • "We don't appear to have very good links with local businesses."
  • "We are so far behind with our own BCM planning that we haven't prioritised the promotion of it to others - we need to get our own house in order first."

We also reviewed a survey undertaken by Coventry City Council asking a sample of businesses what would encourage them to take up business continuity planning and how they wished to receive BCM advice. Businesses did not want another cost. They were happy to access BCM advice online and at their convenience.

Having done this we felt we were in a position to draft a workable strategy that would provide a comprehensive solution to manage the requirements of  the ACT.

  • Make it easy for the local authority to share information and co-ordinate their advice with other agencies such as police and fire services.
  • Help local authorities disseminate high quality BCM information and advice that is in accordance with the British standard BS25999.
  • Take into consideration the small number of people involved in delivering advice but ensuring that advice can be accessed at any time.
  • Overcome the difficulties of small business for accessing advice: cost, time and turnover of staff issues.
  • Measure the effectiveness