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Developing an integrated solution to support long term strategy

Encouraging businesses to take up business continuity requires a long term strategy. Therefore it makes sense to invest limited resources, in a solution that can support a long term strategy. Unovision recognised that Coventry city council, like any local authority would need to;

  • Set up links with businesses
  • Encourage business's to take up the advice
  • Measure and evaluate effectiveness
  • Maximise the skills and experience of the team responsible for delivering BCM advice

In this project the use of internet was crucial to the overall strategy. The results of a survey had indicated that businesses wanted the solution delivered this way. We proposed a systematic e-learning programme in the form of:

  • An online audio visual presentation, with its content structured and based on British standard BS25999 (British standard for business continuity management), to deliver high quality advice consistently at any time to any business at any place.
  • A learning management system (LMS) to deliver the e-learning content and other supporting materials and providing a means to:
  • Track the progress of the participants and compile statistics on levels of participation to measure the effectiveness of the programme.
  • Provide an e-tutoring service, allowing the emergency planning officers to link up with participants to operate a business continuity clinic answering online questions on all BCM related issues.
  • Customise the programme by enabling the operators to add additional information, templates and presentations.
  • Create multiple choice quizzes to allow participants to test their own understanding of the subject matter.