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Unovision produced a web portal delivering a broad array of resources and services for visitor of the site. Examples of these included; news, discussion forums, business directory and for the members; online library, member profile, event diary with online event booking system and member’s discussion forum.
Web Portal
The portal met the specific needs of the CW-First and with it they;
•    Easily add focused content that appeals to the target audience
•    Presents content that encourage visitor contact
•    Add content that improves search engine visibility
•    Add addition web pages that are easy to read, use, navigate, locate information, and print
•    Integrate visual design theme appropriate for the target audience
•    Plan for future expansions and additions to the Website

Events management system
The event management system is simple to use and fits with CWF’s processes. It enables the webmaster to:
Set up new events,
Add admission cost,
Add other chartable items
Apply discounts for various types of membership,
Specify if event has been sold out, and
Produce list of attendees.
Membership Management system
Members can join on line
View and edit their profile
Receive reminders for updating their membership
Access member’s only areas
Contribute to discussion forums